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A lone crusader

Bhoomi Bhattacharjee was the Bengali teacher in an English medium school. Two-and-a-half years have passed since she lost her job for the cause of Bengali language. Sounds strange' The school authorities accused her of exaggerating her apparently provincial/ communal views for Bengali language. They are determined to prove Bhoomi insane. But her own colleagues and guardians, students and friends rally to her support. They counter the allegation and try to convince one and all that Bhoomi is not a nutball. Bhoomi leads her crusade for the Bengali language alone. But the question is, will others follow her' Written and directed by Ramaprasad Banik, the play is being staged by the children of Nehru Children's Museum as part of Nandikar's 21st National Theatre Festival.

Event: Play in Bengali, Ekla Paagal, by Nehru Children's Museum

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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