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Man in a sea of stories
It's very nice to be back here in just 22 years. The sadness is that other than this great event which I'm very happy to be at, we were also hoping to be taking part in an event honouring Satyajit Ray. Unfortunately, that event was postponed. So I ju...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Kiss but don't tell
Sir ' Now that a kiss has become front page news, I am forced to ask why has Indian journalism beco ...  | Read.. 
Not above board
Sir ' The board examination proposed by the West Bengal Primary Education Council at the end of cla ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' On December 10, Human Rights Day, G.D. Birla Sabhaghar hosted a performance by Loknaad, a gro ...  | Read.. 
Death is the only thing certain in life. Another way of conveying the paradox is to say that the right to death should be the...| Read.. 
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Birthday blues
Reality bites
Back to square one
Lords of the front bench
However many people may complain about the 'red tape', it would be sheer illusion to think for a moment that continuous administrative work can be carried out in any field except by means of officials working in offices...The choice is only that between bureaucracy and dilettantism in the field of administration. ' MAX WEBER
Will Bangalore no longer be cosmo'
Locals will be given preference in jobs. Only Kannada will be permitted in public places. And Jayana will no longer be allowed to morph into Jane. Varuna Verma reports on the Garden City going native ...  | Read..