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Scorsese to ground big-budget flight with Aviator
'When you talk to Marty,' said Leonardo DiCaprio, 'ask him any sort of question and see how he always manages to turn the answer into something related to film. He's completely and utterly obsessed with cinema'....  | Read.. 
Punch packs up Posh, Becks
Waxwork models of David and Victoria Beckham, who were projected as Joseph and Mary in a nativity scene at Madame Tussau ...  | Read.. 
Thank god for worms
It's not a treatment for the faint-hearted or the squeamish, but scientists said today that worms could be a new treatment f ...  | Read.. 
Taking the path less trodden
A man, a woman and poetry. That's the team and its mission is to change society. Sounds clich'd' Not after you've met these 'socially aware' human beings ' Vinay Mahajan and C...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: It's my quarrel
It is a given that all of us mothers feel very protective of our children. We suffer with them when they are in pain or trouble, we go to enormous lengths to make certain that...  | Read.. 
Spanish actor Paz Vega in Miami to promote her latest film Spanglish, a romantic comedy by director James L. Brooks. (Reuters)