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Going gizmo-gaga
hubhendu Mukerjee may be 35 years old but he still loves toys ' new techno-toys that is. The marketing manager, a self-confessed gizmo freak, has just acquired a new PDA cell phone for himself, persuaded his wife to dump her two-year-old cell-phone a...  | Read.. 
Comfort driving
What is it that enables one car to glide over any road, be it good or bad, while another struggles over even the gentlest of ...  | Read.. 
My Weekend: Vijay Arora
If I get a weekend to chill out, then Saturdays are for partying and Sundays are meant for the family. Having said that, ...  | Read.. 
Metro RoundUp: Celebrating excellence
In Mumbai, plans were announced to fete India's talented writers while elsewhere, a wild party was held. In Delhi, a designer ...  | Read.. 
Go fish!
Native to the Mediterranean, anchovies are tiny fish that are strongly-flavoured when cooked. Most people dislike anchovies b ...  | Read.. 
Going gizmo-gaga
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