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A gleam in the eye
It is the 'in' thing currently. About everybody in the creamy layer is forecasting the rate of growth of India's gross domestic product: the International Monetary Fund, cabinet ministers, their minions in the civil service, the high-flying set belon...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
True lies
Sir ' What will we gain by forcing the cola giants to flash another statutory warning ('Cola laced ...  | Read.. 
Foul play
Sir ' The death of Cristiano de Lima 'Junior' during the Federation Cup final is a glaring instance ...  | Read.. 
The prime minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, has redeemed a pledge he made during his recent visit to Assam. His office has moved f...| Read.. 
The Chandigarh police are in a soup. And the Amritsar police have given up. Two young women from the Sandhu Colony of Amritsa...| Read.. 
Kill the New Bill
The Lok Sabha has finally scrapped the controversial Prevention of Terrorism Act, but made way for another controversy in the...  | Read.. 
Science has nothing to be ashamed of, even in the ruins of Nagasaki. The shame is theirs who appeal to other values than the imaginative values which science has evolved. ' JACOB BRONOWSKI
First principles
An end to suffering: The Buddha in the world By Pankaj Mishra, Picador...  | Read.. 
Through the prism
In August this year, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Kenya's eminent Gikuyu writer, retu...  | Read.. 
The roots of violence
Identity and religion: Foundations of Anti- Islamism in India, By Amalendu...  | Read.. 
Notes from the underground
Heiber and Glantz's book contains verbatim records of these military confe...  | Read.. 
Words and their myths
The word posh, even the OED tells its readers, originates from the d...  | Read.. 

On the other side of violence