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English, not French, will conquer the world
Centuries of Anglo-French rivalry took a turn in favour of les rosbifs today with a study that predicted English learning would rocket in the coming decade while interest in French slumps....  | Read.. 
Portraits, before the days of camera
Portraiture prevails no matter what. Through turns of taste and swings of style the courtly ritual of vanity of the pre-camera days has endured. And 'Face to Face', the show a...  | Read.. 
A drama without a climax
Theatre in Bengal has always had a tradition of music. In the early days, much of its music was composed keeping the Indian classical traditions in mind. But so-metimes deviat...  | Read.. 
Hidden images
Arguably, every imaginative artist tries to discover or invent shapes of the unknown within the domain of the known. But the search for the seemingly imponderable is aesthetic...  | Read.. 
Classy Indo-jazz mix
Conflict of emotions
Sensitive interpretation
George Clooney with his girlfriend, model Lisa Snowden, at the premiere of his film Ocean's Twelve in Hollywood. (Reuters)