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US House approves intelligence recast
The House of Representatives yesterday approved a sweeping overhaul of US intelligence agencies, ending weeks of wrangling over the Pentagon's power under the reforms demanded after the September 11 attacks. ...  | Read.. 
UN council backs Annan
Security Council members expressed confidence in UN secretary-general Kofi Annan today, dismissing calls by some US legislators for him to resign over the scandal-plagued oil ...  | Read.. 
43 blows on head halted Tintin's growth
Comic book hero Tintin never aged during his 50-year career because the repeated blows he took to the head triggered a growth hormone deficiency, according to an analysis in ...  | Read.. 
Shylock to Macbeth
After years of gangsters, villains and hard men with a heart, Al Pacino has come back to Shakespeare and after playing Jewish moneylender Shylock he has his sights set on Kin ...  | Read.. 
Nicole Kidman speaks at the annual Women In Entertainment Power 100 breakfast at a hotel in Beverly Hills. (AFP)
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Copy cat
Furry glory
Back from dead rapper sweeps nominations
Chicago rapper Kanye West, who survived a near-fatal car crash to score one of the biggest hits of t..  | Read.. 
Boost to HIV vaccine hope
Scientists said today they have identified key genes involved in the body's response to HIV, which ..  | Read.. 
Smoking bad for the brain too
Smoking not only damages health, it is bad for the brain to ...  | Read.. 

Bush boosts morale
President George W. Bush sought yesterday to boost the mora ...  | Read.. 

New Milan opera house dazzles
Milan's La Scala opera house reopened yesterday after a thr ...  | Read.. 

Scuffle sparks riot in southern China
A scuffle between street performers and officials trying to ...  | Read..