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Pet lovers in problem of plenty

Salt Lake City, Dec. 2 (Reuters): Animal lovers and lawmakers face a dog and cat fight over how many pets residents may own at the same time in the small Utah town of Provo, officials said yesterday.

The current law allows residents to own up to two dogs or two cats at the same time but not a dog and cat together.

Provo resident Susan Sewell said her children had picked out a kitten from a local animal shelter, but burst into tears when they were turned down because the family already owned too many pets.

'My daughter fell in love with this little white kitten and was holding it in her hands,' Sewell said. 'I just wanted to adopt a cat and they said I couldn't because I already had a cat and a dog.'

Provo City Council chairman Dave Knecht, who owns a golden retriever and used to have a cat, said 'two of each species is reasonable.'

He believes the law was enacted to help animal control officers.

'Having two of each is not necessarily a problem,' said Knecht, who has proposed allowing people to own two cats and two dogs. 'I want to find out what the public wants,' Knecht said, 'and have reasonable rules reflect reality.'

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