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The verdict and after
Not the least ambiguity in George W. Bush's triumph in the presidential election held on the first Tuesday of this month. The majority of Americans have spoken, it is a democratic mandate for imperialism. Perhaps for the first time in human history, ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sex and the TV
Sir ' The fracas involving the chairman of the National Commission for women, Poornima Advani, and ...  | Read.. 
Sir ' In 'Visions and verdict' (Nov 13), Ramachandra Guha gloses over the blunders made by Jawaharl ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' None of his obituaries in the media mentioned the exploits of Keith Miller during his visit t ...  | Read.. 
The determination of India and Pakistan to sustain the composite dialogue will be welcomed. Although the differences between ...| Read.. 
Impeach the prime minister. How quaint it sounds now ' almost as absurd as the Queen of Heart's 'Off with his head!' The moti...| Read.. 
Keep Them in Check
A leading vernacular daily recently quoted the Central Vigilance Commission saying that it had identified 371 tainted civil s...  | Read.. 
It was not a matter of the work, but the mind that went into, that counted ' and the man who was not content to do small things well would leave great things undone. ' ELLEN GLASGOW
Old curiosity shop
Lovers of London who are also book-lovers know of Heywood Hill's bookshop o...  | Read.. 
Politics in fantasy
Iron Council By China Mi'ville, Macmillan, ' 17.99...  | Read.. 
Going back to the war
Homeland By Clare Francis, Macmillan, ' 16.99...  | Read.. 
Quite a family drama
THE PRITHVI-WALLAHS (Roli, Rs 895) presented by Shashi Kapoo...  | Read.. 
A consumer's world, after all
Shoveling Smoke: Advertising and Globalization in Contemporary India By Wil...  | Read.. 

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