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Saturday night fever
Saturday the 20th. An all-action November evening awaits the city. From a Royal tee-off to hosting the recently-wed daughter of the world's richest Indian. From a high-profile fashion show to a Japanese jamboree rolling into town, the who's who of...  | Read.. 
Traffic dispersal master plan for Bypass fairground
A comprehensive traffic management plan is on the cards to prevent the Park Circus connector to the EM Bypass from turning ...  | Read.. 
The season's splurge: sold if it's gold
The lure of the yellow metal has never been stronger. And for once, price is no deterrent. ...  | Read.. 
Basu-baiter 'cheated'
A businessman with a fleet of cars, a full-time corporate adviser, a political bit player and now a crusader....  | Read.. 
Care meet for baby hearts
Genetic problems, indiscriminate drug use, infection and viral fever during early stages of pregnancy are contributing to a s...  | Read.. 
The actor as an activist
From 'out-of-the-world' Chokher Bali, he's planning to move on to Satayjit Ray's Pather Panchali. From Amartya ...  | Read.. 
Mandarins mull options
Rivals gloat as Writers', Alimuddin St dissect verdict

The Supreme Court order cancelling allotment of a Salt Lake plot by former chief minister Jyoti Basu to then justice of Calcu ...  | Read.. 
Cherubs and a child, peacocks and bouquets. The night sky is resplendent with the illumination at a Jagaddhatri puja pandal in Chandernagore. Picture by Pradip Sanyal
Hello, it's Saturday, November 20, 2004
Road to avoid
Fashion fare
Party time
Annual quiz
A trans-literary experience
The hallmark of all great art is that it lends its...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Bo Derek You're a dreamer. You can be a good artist, if life ...Read.. 
Guest Column
A probe within, and without, after an interaction with the intense and irascible Naipaul...  | Read.. 
Tax yoke vexes cablemen
After under-declaration, turf trouble and regulatory worries, the latest bo...  | Read.. 

Teachers frown on contract services
Contractual appointment can only be a short-term answer to the present shor...  | Read.. 

Designer dreams muscle out factory fare
One's a master. The other's a maverick. One has returned after an eight-year...  | Read.. 
Peeling the past for city fathers
While anybody interested in the history of Calcutta can easily Google and d...  | Read.. 

On fire, in full public view
Tultuli Saha Bakshi, 27, daughter of a businessman, committed suicide by se...  | Read.. 

Of crowning glory and confessions
'Last year, we did not have a a proper first-aid box, an ambulance or a hel...  | Read.. 

Pearls for charity, diamonds to prize
Silks rustled and pearls gleamed at an evening dedicated to education for t...  | Read.. 
Pink princess for little dolls
She's in makeover mode, but she's as enticing as ever. Barbie, at 45, is as...  | Read.. 
Heady mix masters
An event which, is in the truest sense by the DJs, of the DJs and for the D...  | Read.. 
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Parents get back kidnapped girl
Warm days ahead
Singer dead
CESC shift
Sleaze racket
Governor visit
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Refuse root cause for winged threats
Wet mail
Re-route plan for packed run
Right noises, please
Rough ride
Screen On & Off
Age no bar for star
Big beat on small box
Sami more
Return to rock