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New start

Although it is a fact that many of the recently made low-budget, experimental, multiplex-type movies have gone for a toss at the box-office owing to some reason or the other, I would like to assert that Rok Sako To Rok Lo is distinctly different from them. First, we cannot brand it as a 'ensemble movie' because it is being released with over 250 prints all over India, with over 80 prints each in north and west India alone. However, it does have a new cast primarily, though Sunny Deol is playing a very pivotal role almost throughout the film.

The all-new starcast of the film can be justified by the fact that the film is based in the final year of school, for which I needed freshness in my characters and I could not possibly have taken any of the current big stars for the role of school children. Although, personally, I do feel that the time has come in Bollywood that we start looking at a new breed of high performing actors and back them up with great stories and world class marketing, instead of casting the same breed of four or five actors again and again, expecting them to do all possible roles.

I firmly believe that RSTRL will turn the tide of 'ensemble films' with new starcast and director flopping. These films in the past like Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi flopped mainly because of a bad storyline and average performing actors.

RSTRL's main strength is its absolutely packed and tight storyline apart from brilliant performances by the actors and the heavy-duty marketing. These actors have already created a relatively high level of curiosity in its prospective audience. That's precisely the reason why the film ads and teasers don't reveal anything about the film's storyline except for its fresh look and feel about its outstanding music.

Of course, unlike Hollywood, where the key factors for the success of any film are its storyline, performances and marketing, in Bollywood the two additional dimensions with respect to music and star value cannot be ignored. Therefore, during the making of Rok Sako To Rok Lo, we were very particular about a great musical score (by now people would have heard it and started believing in it as well) which the combination of Jatin-Lalit and Prasoon Joshi have delivered to the best of their abilities. Nobody can deny Sunny Deol's star appeal as well.

Keeping all these things in mind and the fact that the story has been extremely well researched, we believe that RSTRL will gift to the market what the market has been craving for a long time ' a young romantic film, with great family entertainment value, brilliant music, lovely performances and most important, a storyline which will lift the spirit of the audience in a manner in which Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Lagaan did. Something sadly none of the Diwali releases could!

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