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Profound ignorance
Fresh from a new Nobel prize, with a smile as wide as the Pacific Ocean only a frisbee throw away, Dr David Gross stood with a microphone on a stage at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics here...  | Read.. 
Sexual contest at molecular level
The more sexual partners females desire, the harder males have to work. What's l ...  | Read.. 
Fire from leftovers
At Pune's Kimaya restaurant, leftovers don't join the municipal garbage stream. ...  | Read.. 
Wind power isn't safe
Wind turbines have been hailed as an environmentally friendly way to reduce the ...  | Read.. 
Prof. David Gross (left) and a black hole in a galactic centre
Profound ignorance
Cosmic rays
Fat gene
Erosion by man
Vaccine reaction
New antibiotics
For quieter skies
Noise nuisance from aircrafts can be reduced to a great extent ' to the point it becomes barely inaudible to people living nearby airports ' just by embedding the engines into the body of crafts rather than underneath, an international research conso ...  | Read.. 
Sound detective
Chaotic motion
Real stigma
It happened without warning, early one day last summer as they prepared to go out. Gloria Rapport's husband raised his arm to her, fist poised. 'He was very close to striking me,' she said. What had provoked him' 'Nothing, I asked him to get in the c ...  | Read.. 
Prelude to surgery
Hidden problem on the campus
Stress buster
Outsourced drug trials speed up research
Footwear clue to amputation
Vaccines that won't need fridge
Mind's own time travel
QED: Patience required
The US presidential election extravaganza is over. But it has left a scar on the technology front. Electronic voting machines used in the election, critics say, have threatened to undermine trust in democracy, because they are vulnerable to security b ...  | Read.. 
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Why do roosters crow at dawn'
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