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Allawi kin hostage in Falluja retaliation
US-led troops battled through 'half of Falluja' today, but Muslim militant kidnappers threatened to behead three relatives of Iraq's interim prime minister if he did not call off the offensive. ...  | Read.. 
French flee Ivory Coast
Hundreds of French citizens fled their former colony Ivory Coast today after days of anti-French riots and looting in a country once seen as a model of post-independence pros ...  | Read.. 
Two terror suspects held after Hague raid
Dutch police stormed an apartment and arrested two people today, ending a 14-hour stand-off that began when suspects sought in anti-terrorism probe wounded three officers in ...  | Read.. 
Ashcroft quits team
US attorney general John Ashcroft, a lightning rod of criticism by civil liberties groups for his anti-terror policies after the September 11 attacks and who once even ordere ...  | Read.. 
Sky's the limit: Gwyneth Paltrow in Rome to promote her new film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. (Reuters)
Renee recess
One would not know it from the way she is all over the media promoting her latest Bridget Jones<..  | Read.. 
'Just get out'
Madonna made a rare foray into politics calling for her home country to withdraw its troops from Ir..  | Read.. 
Smoking ban
Scotland became the latest country to take a stand against ...  | Read..