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Bathed in blood, Iraq clamps emergency
Iraq's interim government declared a state of emergency for 60 days today ahead of January elections amid spiralling insurgent attacks that have killed 60 Iraqis in two days. ...  | Read.. 
Arafat battles for life, burial row on
Yasser Arafat lay critically ill with liver failure today and his condition was not improving, a Palestinian official said, as Israel finalised plans to bury the Palestinian ...  | Read.. 
British train crash kills 6
A British high-speed passenger train crashed into a car at a level crossing and flew off the rails yesterday, killing six people and injuring scores. ...  | Read.. 
French face Ivory fury
Machete-waving mobs thousands strong looted and burned in Ivory Coast's largest cities today, laying siege to a French military base and searching house to house for French f ...  | Read.. 
The passenger train which ploughed into a car at a level crossing in Berkshire. (Reuters)
Locust lunch
Bloody tale
Rally ruse
Miniskirt row cuts short political quest
A Conservative parliamentary candidate has quit, claiming that members of her local party told ..  | Read.. 
Meet the male Bridget Joneses
Calories: 2,500 (pizza and curry). Alcohol: 20 units (10 pints). Weight: 14 stone. Women back to fl..  | Read.. 
Protester dies
An anti-nuclear activist died in France today after having ...  | Read.. 

Blair to meet Bush
British Prime Minister Tony Blair will seek this week to us ...  | Read.. 

Russia kisses custom goodbye
Muscovite politicians have been told to stop kissing ea ...  | Read..