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Q:I work from home on the computer. This has not only ruined my eyesight but has also affected my hands badly. My elbows are aching all the time and my fingertips are sore from excessive typing. What can I do'

LC, Calcutta

You have to improve the lighting at your workstation. After that get your eyes tested. If there is a genuine problem it needs to be arrested soon.

I can suggest push-ups for adding strength to your arm muscles. This will reduce pain in the elbows. At regular intervals, rotate your arms to improve circulation. Also, flex your fingers regularly. Make sure that your chair is of the right height. It should not be too high or low from your table. And keep your spine absolutely straight while you are on the computer.

Q:I want my seven-year-old to learn cycling. How do I go about it' She is very thin and tall for her age. Please suggest a few exercises that will help her gain some flesh.

AS, Calcutta

I think your daughter looks much thinner because of her height. There is no need to worry about this. As long as she is active, just relax.

You must choose the right model of the cycle with the help of a good store assistant. Go to one of the recognised dealers for purchase. Preferably, choose one with removable support wheels.

Learning cycling is not a difficult task. All she needs is someone strong and fit to help her in the initial stages. She should not be left alone to do it till she finds her balance. Remember, slow and steady is the best way to learn cycling. Begin with small stretches and then increase speed and time. She can also do some sort of a warm-up, say, jogging or running.

You have not written anything on her appetite or food habits. If she is a poor or a finicky eater you have to pay attention to her diet in order to make her put on some weight. You can introduce her to swimming, which is an excellent form of exercise. It will also increase her appetite. So, eating more naturally should result in some weight gain. You can also give her vitamins or a health tonic.

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