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The world's a stage
Do you spend hours in front of your mirror talking to your reflection, imitating the characters from Kkusum' Do you try to perfect Amitabh Bachchan's baritone angst from Deewar' Do you mouth the dialogues from Sholay as sincerely ...  | Read.. 
Our Reds who are fond of saying, 'Micro chips, not potato chips', can take heart. A bunch of our IIT grads who had winged th ...  | Read.. 
Classact: Sum like it quick
Try Vedic math if you are tired of complicated math calculations. Prithvijit Mitra reports ...  | Read.. 
Overthere: Stanley Medical College, Chennai
One of the oldest institutions for medical education in the country, Stanley Medical College (SMC) is steeped in a history wh ...  | Read.. 
Studyabroad: Highlands calling
Scotland is all set to woo international students with an attractive visa extension scheme, reports Prithvijit Mitra ...  | Read.. 
I Think : No 70%
Will Kerry as US President be better for India'
...  | Read.. 
Campusbuzz: Striking the right chord
As part of its 90th anniversary celebrations, Calcutta School of Music hosted a Young Talent Contest on September 17 to encou ...  | Read.. 
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Director, Institute for Career Studies, Lucknow
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The world's a stage