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Darwin's puzzle
It's a puzzle that has baffled biologists for years: how has homosexuality survived evolution' Homosexual relationships don't yield children. From a purely reproductive perspective, being gay is a dis...  | Read.. 
Gender notion in evolution busted
Sex for mammals and birds did not evolve through the same route, a group of scie ...  | Read.. 
Why blame gravity'
Pull up your cheeks and you may briefly remove some years from that reflection i ...  | Read.. 
Appetite for more
Prof. Peter Kalmus, a particle physicist and fellow at the physics department, Q ...  | Read.. 
Crime and its various roots
E ver wondered why just a handful of students studying in a good school become d ...  | Read.. 
Third parent
Mass mystery
Tidal quake
Irrational remark
Beyond reach
Maths to the rescue
The Web may be an information highway much of the time, but it turns into a cul-de-sac whenever a click leads to a message that the URL you requested could not be found. Now a team of university students working as summer interns at an IBM laboratory ...  | Read.. 
Molecular chip
Data watch
Elixir of youth
If supermarkets had beauty contests for their products and I were the judge, the fresh produce section would win every time: thousands of colourful foods neatly and attractively displayed, certainly more enticing than raw meats and poultry or the vas ...  | Read.. 
Unusual headaches
Enemy that doctors fear most
Power of smell
Job pressure no factor in breathing problems
Older fathers spoil genes
Mobile aid for diabetes patients
Testosterone boosts memory
QED: An elusive dream
It's always easier said than done. Embarking on the 'developmental benefits to millions of people', Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has resented artificial restrictions on the country's peaceful nuclear applications . But looking at the scenario of nuc ...  | Read.. 
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