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Morning test for Sachin
- All shots played during two-hour session

Calcutta, Oct. 22: Unless Sachin Tendulkar wakes up with severe discomfort in the region of his left elbow, tomorrow, he will be heading for Nagpur as the XVth Team India member.

The third Test versus Australia begins there on Tuesday. The visitors, it may be recalled, are ahead 1-0 in the four-match series.

'Sachin again batted for about two hours and, today, played all his shots with a bat almost the same weight as the one he normally uses. Moreover, at the end of the session, he felt very pleased,' physio Andrew Leipus told The Telegraph this afternoon.

[According to an agency report, Sachin himself had this to say: 'The progress has been very good'. I've been putting a little more load on the body and it has been responding quite nicely'. Now, we have to wait and see'.']

Speaking from Mumbai, on the way back to his hotel from Bandra's MIG Club, Leipus added: 'It's just a question of how Sachin feels in the morning'. How he pulls up, so to say'. What's needed is a pathological assessment, nothing more'. If Sachin's fine, he's going to be taking a flight for Nagpur.'

It's unlikely, though, that Sachin will be put through a conventional fitness test.

Leipus explained that except for the 'intensity,' the day's workout was pretty similar to yesterday's.

'Sachin has been batting both against the seasoned and new balls and hasn't been in discomfort except for some stiffness in the left elbow. However, that's to be expected as he hasn't played for over two months,' he pointed out.

Elaborating on the intensity bit, Leipus said: 'Well, today, Sachin hit hard ' all his shots, in fact, as I wanted to be sure his left arm didn't have a functional problem.'

While coach John Wright (who too is in Mumbai) is leaving for Nagpur tomorrow morning, Leipus plans to go a day later after one more session with Sachin.

Going by the maestro's update, he should be keeping Leipus company on that short flight. A tennis elbow won't of course then be taken on board.

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