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Call for English class makes French furious
English should be made compulsory for all French schoolchildren, according to an official report which appeared yesterday to howls of outrage from politicians and teaching unions....  | Read.. 
Earth spin twists time
Einstein was right ' again. Satellites that have been pulled slightly off their orbits show that the Earth is indeed twistin ...  | Read.. 
Manager mud on Pavarotti
A newly published memoir by Luciano Pavarotti's manager paints a less than flattering portrait of the great Italian tenor as ...  | Read.. 
Seat of Luther's Theses found
German archaeologists have discovered the lavatory on which Martin Luther wrote the Ninety-Five Theses that laun ...  | Read.. 
Media & mum's ghost haunt 'Harry Potty'
Princess Diana's brother said at her funeral that paparazzi had hunted the world's most photographed woman to her death. ...  | Read.. 
Right across the board
Okay, you have your board under your arm and you've chosen a relatively unpopulated spot to do some surfing. Now you have to paddle into the sea with the board. Paddling soun...  | Read.. 
A pack of cigarettes unveiled by European health and consumer protection commissioner David Byrne at a news conference in Brussels. The new violent image is to warn consumers of the health risk of smoking. (Reuters)