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The fall and rise of Fidel Castro
Cuban President Fidel Castro tripped and fractured his left knee and right arm in a tumble captured on live television, the government said today. ...  | Read.. 
Cold War's last US statesman dead
Paul Nitze, one of the last leading US statesmen of the Cold War period and architect of nuclear deterrence, has died at the age of 97. ...  | Read.. 
Iraq jail for 'all-American boy'
A military judge jailed a US army sergeant, described in court as a typical all-American boy, for eight years today for sexually and physically abusing Iraqi prisoners. ...  | Read.. 
60 killed in China mine explosion
A gas explosion in a crowded coal mine in China killed at least 60 people and left 88 missing with little hope of surviving the country's most serious mine accident in years. ...  | Read.. 
Julianne Moore during a photocall in Munich to promote her new film The Forgotten. Moore plays the role of a grieving mother struggling to cope ...  | Read
Husband hound
Dutch drive
'Give us back US we loved'
British spy novelist John le Carre yesterday denounced President George W. Bush as universally hate..  | Read.. 
Harry hurt in scuffle with lensmen
(Reuters): Britain's royal 'wild child' Prince Harry scuffled with photographers outside a London n..  | Read.. 
Loose cannon Teresa in Laura job slur
Senator John Kerry's wife reinforced her reputation as ...  | Read.. 

Cheney flu shot
US vice-president Dick Cheney has received a flu shot, aide ...  | Read.. 

Liverpool snuffs out smoking
The northern English port of Liverpool has voted to become ...  | Read..