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Quintet & the crowd
From Tarzan to Krishna, from guess-the-theme to no theme ' there are popularity points aplenty as Calcutta goes pandal-hopping, here, there and everywhere. Backed by police figures, Metro pauses at five favourite footfall spots and figures o...  | Read.. 
5 held over chanda thrash rerun
After Barasat, Sankrail. After an armyman, a businessman. ...  | Read.. 
A sweet royal tradition of two centuries
Across the winding portals of Sovabazar Rajbari is the courtyard. A right turn takes one before the goddess, in daaker saa...  | Read.. 
And the spirit shines through
Day II of the CESC The Telegraph True Spirit Puja trail hit pujas that covered extremes of social and ecological effort an...  | Read.. 
Colours, tunes, quiz & dhaak
A creative flair for colours set the Mahasaptami mood at most of the 60 housing complexes enlisted with The Telegraph ...  | Read.. 
Collision afresh in hit zone
A private bus rammed into a police outpost in front of Jyoti Basu's Salt Lake residence, Indira Bhavan, early on Wednesday, i...  | Read.. 
Best enjoyed with those dearest
I love Durga puja. The lights, hordes of happy faces and the fervour. And yet, I can't remember the last time I spent a consi ...  | Read.. 
Sourav Ganguly chats with kids after inaugurating the LG Lifestyle Shop in City Centre, Salt Lake, on Wednesday. The 30-minute stopover included a loo ...  | Read
Love blooms amid hatred
Jasimuddin's verse epic Sojan Badiyar Ghaa ...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Shammi Kapoor You're a good conversationalist. You are kind and generous, and often gullibl ...Read.. 
  Open space, not at cost of landmark
  Just a snippet of a gory tale
  Impression, potholes-deep
Law shift for modern city
Calcutta needs a complete 'chemical change' in its urban bylaws to realise ...  | Read.. 

Cell swipe to riches
Struggling through the sea of humanity at a puja pandal, if you have been s...  | Read.. 

Car gas analysers on way
After missing the October 1 deadline, the state government has started acqu...  | Read.. 

Glow-worm goddess for shoestring budget
With every para worth its towering pandal vying for its share of the...  | Read.. 

Myriad moments of mirth and melancholy
The city has just witnessed a high-profile shoot involving Abhishek Bachcha...  | Read.. 

This Ashtami you can be at... Gadiara
The tide was beginning to turn just as the first flecks of light brightened...  | Read.. 
Pandal Buzz
Cloth crunch...  | Read.. 
Dance till dawn to tunes traditional and techno
Matching stick for stick, Navratri nights are giving colourful competition ...  | Read.. 
Festive flavours far beyond the boundaries
By Ashtami evening, your taste buds have probably had an ethnic overload, a...  | Read.. 
Puja look
Being in the thick of the Pujas, going for anjali to the para...  | Read.. 
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Fire at 'illegal' pandal
Immersion clean-up
Fake liquor
Buddha visit
Private guards
Salt Lake arrests
Screen On & Off
Staying alive...
Bride sans prejudice
Dreams fulfilled
Message mania
Star saga
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Welcome to a week-old column! You will enjoy this if you are a Calcuttan (there can never be a 'Kolkatan'!). You don't have to be a quiz junkie to relish this column. We will bring you nuggets of our favourite city under any of the 'Cal' categories each week. So there could be Gastronomi-Cal, Histori-Cal, Topi-Cal, Comi-Cal, Physi-Cal, Typi-Cal, Politi-Cal, or even Lexi-Cal. This week, it's a Puja special! Let's get Mysti-Cal.