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Canadian Carrey gets American tag
Canadian-born comic actor Jim Carrey has become a US citizen and said his decision to pursue dual citizenship was based on his love for the country that helped him attain his dream....  | Read.. 
Power of conviction
With the tried and tested anti-imperialistic stand caught in a melee, the state-sponsored Bangla Ganasangeet Mela (October 9-15) at the Rabindra Sadan-Nandan campus made a sin...  | Read.. 
Uninhibited bare-bodied acrobatics
A common theme does not necessarily relate two different artists aesthetically. This is evident in the current exposition of oils, acrylics and water colours by Kartick Pyne a...  | Read.. 
Bitter after-taste of World War II
Compared to the 1960s and 1970s, Bengali groups stage far fewer versions of European drama nowadays. That is not necessarily a shortcoming, for it indicates that original play...  | Read.. 
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Canadian Carrey gets American tag