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Iraq nuke material being looted, says UN
The UN nuclear watchdog is worried the US-led war aimed at disarming Iraq may have unleashed a proliferation crisis if looters have sold equipment that can be used to make atomic weapons, western diplomats said. ...  | Read.. 
EU cannot force us on uranium, says Iran
The EU cannot force Iran to give up its right to enrich uranium, Iran's foreign minister said, apparently slamming the door on EU efforts to halt the process and ease fears T ...  | Read.. 
Reveal jeans turns Italy red
It might be fine for Christina Aguilera or plumbers, but not for school children ' jeans that reveal the back side have been banned by an Italian headmaster. ...  | Read.. 
Pak missile test before talks
Pakistan test-fired an intermediate-range, nuclear-capable ballistic missile today as part of efforts to boost defences but the test was not a show of strength for India, th ...  | Read.. 
Relatives of Emma Khaeva, 12, a victim of the Beslan school siege, tape her picture at a cemetery in the North Ossetian town. This week marks the end ...  | Read
Lahore bomber in police net
Pakistani police have arrested a Sunni militant wanted in connection with more than a dozen sectari..  | Read.. 
Romantic French most active lovers
France is well positioned as the world's sexiest state, according to a global survey of lovemaking ..  | Read..