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Pak kidnappers borrow Iraq hostage tactic
Islamic militants holding two Chinese engineers hostage in Pakistan threatened to kill one unless security forces ended a siege of their hideout, a tactic the interior minister said had echoes of Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
US frees Saudi after three years
A Saudi-American citizen captured in Afghanistan and held in US military jail without charges for nearly three years was flown home to Saudi Arabia today. ...  | Read.. 
Napoleon bone apart and mended
When Napoleon the cockerel was left with a broken leg after a fox attack the vet treating the bird thought she would have to put it down. ...  | Read.. 
Tea costly for UK military
The much-loved British cup of tea has been deemed too costly to give out free to military staff. ...  | Read.. 
Rat race: Czech officials participate in the annual 'Office Rats Race' in Prague. The race, in which middle and senior managers compete in their regul ...  | Read
YSL goes back to the future for new life
Stefano Pilati faced one of the toughest challenges in the fashion world in Paris last night: to br..  | Read.. 
Global warming clock ticking faster: Scientists
Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are rising faster than at any time since records beg..  | Read.. 
Finn kids' cellphone fever vexes officials
Finland's consumer watchdog said today it had reprimanded b ...  | Read.. 

Sadr men start arms handover
A Shia militia disarmament plan that could end weeks of fig ...  | Read.. 

Pak tank ready for Saudi tests
Pakistan will hand over its state-of-the-art Al-Khalid ...  | Read..