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Bloodthirsty honour
Eve teasing. Voluntary sati. And now, honour killings. These oxymoron-ridden phrases wreak violence on our language every day. They also mirror flesh-and-blood violence. Coercion, assault or murders continue to be exactly that, no matter how m...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Misplaced sympathies
Sir ' The report, 'PM political baptism'(Oct 7), is needlessly goggle-eyed about the prime minister ...  | Read.. 
Without drive
Sir ' The government rhetoric that comes through in 'Austerity axe falls on cars to cash cows' (Sep ...  | Read.. 
Politics has a tendency to overwhelm values and integrity. Think of the young Rajiv Gandhi when he became prime minister. He ...| Read.. 
Home alone
Back to basics
Family above all
Careful whispers
Friendly vibes
Giving him company
What shall we say of the intelligence, not to say religion, of those who are so particular to distinguish between fishes and reptiles and birds, but put a man with an immortal soul in the same circle with the wolf, the hyena, and the skunk' What must be the impression made upon the children by such a degradation of man' ' WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN
Taking over tide country
The ecologically fragile Sundarbans is already gasping for breath. And experts warn it may soon be delivered its coup de gráce. Debashis Bhattacharyya reports reactions to a gigantic tourism project planned for the archipelago ...  | Read..