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Relief rows into full-flooded five
When Ansar Ali went to bed on Wednesday night, the rain was steady but the road in front of his house was clear. ...  | Read.. 
Clogged sewers rebut claims
Tall on promises, short on delivery. This defining attribute of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) stood vindicated, once again, on Thursday ...  | Read.. 
Wet blanket on road repairs
After the two days of rain that battered the city, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's government and the civic authorities threw up th...  | Read.. 
Brave the tide for call of duty
This is the story of some intrepid Calcuttans who left their homes on Thursday to make sure they reached their workplaces as ...  | Read.. 
Tech town sings morning blues
'Weather kharap. Office-e keu nei. Amio taratari bari chole jachhi (The weather is bad. The office is empty and I'm le...  | Read.. 
Indoors, cricket; outdoors, bandh
With almost no traffic on the streets and people preferring to stay indoors, Thursday was, for all practical purposes, like a...  | Read.. 
Deluge prelude to boat advent
Furrows line faces of artisans, decorators and organisers

The astrologers, for once, are spot on. Goddess Durga, this autumn, is destined to arrive by boat. The effect of a journey in ...  | Read.. 
A drencher out there
Hello, it's Friday, October 08, 2004
Road to avoid
In camera
Dance for the gods
As a traditional art form, folk dances of Bengal h...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Sigourney Weaver You are intellectually superior, very intense and capable of deep emotiona ...Read.. 
Young Metro
She has one mission in life to eradicate child sexual abuse. While that may be a Utopian dream, ...  | Read.. 
Old haunt, new hues
After 15 years in the business of hospitality, Taj Bengal has some reason f...  | Read.. 
Get Set
From the Indian make-up stable Lakme comes the new Fireworks Collection ...  | Read.. 
Small Talk
Just when you thought it would... it didn't. The rain just won't stop, so h...  | Read.. 
Barnyard romp: save it for a sunny day
It's time to take the adage of making hay while the sun shines to heart. Wi...  | Read.. 
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Another duo in doctor murder net
Five injured in collision
Salim group
Rajbati cave-in
RPF arrests
Body found
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Reason to smile
Popeye's power source
Stage On & Off
'It's all about reaching out'
Just another love
A little extraaa
Festive felicitation
Drama talk
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