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Remote control
The United Progressive Alliance government will soon have to make some hard choices on Nepal. It can either emulate the late Rajiv Gandhi ' decide in New Delhi what is best for the neighbouring kingdom and go about putting that prescription into prac...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Chasing shadows
Sir ' For constables in Madhya Pradesh, promotion comes at a heavy price ' winning a 15-kilometre ...  | Read.. 
Sinner versus saint
Sir ' The fact that school textbooks in Gujarat have glorified Adolf Hitler and found fault with th ...  | Read.. 
Death traps
Sir ' A part of the metal cover of an underground cable circuit has broken down due to heavy traffi ...  | Read.. 
A political vacuum tends to become the anarchist's workshop. The Maoist menace in Nepal has long been a case in point. It sho...| Read.. 
The decision of the government of India to allow a large group of journalists from Pakistan to visit Jammu and Kashmir needs ...| Read.. 
What is it to be Normal'
T wo tales from two different cities recently sparked off a lot of controversy. One pertained to the country's defence, the o...  | Read.. 
In favour of diversity
The common minimum programme of the United Progressive Alliance government has promised to extend reservation for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes...  | Read.. 
The kiss of the fitness centre
You might have heard this story before ' it's one of those then-and-now homilies. Our hero is a middle-aged, pot-bellied man whose name is, let's say, Mr Sharma. There was a t...  | Read.. 
You can't beat the market because it's smarter than you are. Intellectually, the only task is trying to determine what the market is telling you. ' ROBERT LEROY BARTLEY