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Cancer sniffer

Believe it or not, a dog can sniff bladder cancer! A paper in the British Medical Journal says that the same sense that dogs use for detecting illegal substances at airports might also be used to help doctors diagnosis bladder cancer. A Reuters report quotes Carolyn Willis, from Amersham Hospital in the UK, author of the study, as saying that dogs can be trained to detect bladder cancer by 'smelling' urine.

Gender effect

It is strange but true. According to the latest Reuters report, 'children who spend more time engaging in activities typically associated with their gender tend to have more stereotypical academic interests, skills and characteristics two years later'. The report quotes examples from the paper published in Developmental Psychology and says that girls who spent more time on male-dominated sports ' tended to become more interested in mathematics two years later, regardless of their interest in maths at the age of 10. Similarly, the study talks about how boys who spent more time playing music ' a traditionally feminine activity ' got relatively good grades in maths two years later.


Money is worthless

Money is not everything in life ' the clich' is being supported by a study published in the latest issue of Psychological Science. According to the study, wealth does not create individual happiness and it doesn't build a strong country, either. In fact, the journal concludes that economic development and personal income do not account for the happiness that they are so often linked to. The study also goes on to discuss how to measure 'well-being' scientifically and establish a system to decide on the economic measures.

Diet bias

Contrary to popular belief, females might actually be less serious about their diet. According to a study conducted by a group of Florida State University, while exercise decreases overeating in both sexes, less of a reduction is seen in females, reports American Journal of Physiology. According to a new animal study conducted by the researchers, when a sweet diet is freely available, female rats consumed more calories per day than male rats!

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