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America claims victory in Samarra
Waving white flags, Iraqis fled the city of Samarra on river boats today as US forces claimed victory over insurgents in the first step of an offensive aimed at taking control of rebel-held cities. ...  | Read.. 
UN van used to ferry missile, says Israel
Israel today demanded that the UN investigate whether Palestinians filmed in the Gaza Strip were militants using a UN van to transport rockets for use against Israel. ...  | Read.. 
Bird flu spreads in Thailand
An eight-year-old Thai girl and a dog were confirmed to have been infected with Asia's deadly bird flu today as the country battled a second major outbreak of the virus this ...  | Read.. 
Prescott note of caution to Blair-baiters
Tony Blair's combative deputy warned potential leadership rivals today they would not be forgiven for challenging Britain's Prime Minister and threatening electoral success. ...  | Read.. 
Actor Robin Williams (left), country music singer Faith Hill and her husband Tim McGraw at the finale of the ninth annual Andre Agassi Charitable Foun ...  | Read
Baby's day out
Prayer prod
Family wants media to stay off kids
Tony and Cherie Blair demanded that their children be given the same protection from the press ..  | Read.. 
Teresa Kerry told to lie low
Democratic election advisers have ordered Teresa Heinz Kerry to adopt a lower profile in the final ..  | Read.. 
Warlords look for poll polish
The discreet white villa down a potholed Kabul sidestre ...  | Read..