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US tightens grip on Samarra as toll rises
US and Iraqi forces tightened their grip on the rebel stronghold of Samarra today with one of the largest offensives since the fall of Saddam Hussein. ...  | Read.. 
Italian love affair with 'Simonas' ends
Italy's adoration of the 'two Simonas', the women aid workers abducted in Iraq, began to sour yesterday, as the extent of their sympathy for the Iraqi fight against the a ...  | Read.. 
New York has a new magazine just for dogs
He was a Greenwich Village bon vivant who enjoyed gourmet food, a drop of wine on festive occasions, a silk bed and his velvet collar. ...  | Read.. 
Cat Stevens seeks answers
Lawyers for the singer once known as Cat Stevens have asked American officials to explain why they barred him from entering the country, and have formally requested that his ...  | Read.. 
Jamie Lee Curtis gets down to eye level with Sophia DiPuccio, 4 (left), and Oliver DiPuccio, 3, during a book-signing event for Curtis' new children's book ItÂ’s Hard To Be Five in Beachwood, Ohio. (AP)
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Jagger roll
Fashion safari boom spells doom for pythons
There were zebra-skin hats, bags and boots in the show at Milan Fashion Week yesterday. And the dist..  | Read.. 
Sialkot Shia funeral march turns ugly
Angry Shias set vehicles and the mayor's office on fire in Pakistan's eastern city of Sialkot today..  | Read.. 
Iran bid to overhaul economy
Iran today overturned a key plank of the constitution to al ...  | Read.. 

Musharraf backers get top army posts
Islamabad, Oct. 2 Pakistani President General Pervez Musharr ...  | Read.. 

'Allawi come and show us terrorists'
After the latest US air strike on Falluja, enraged resident ...  | Read.. 

Succession furore over Blair exit plan
British Prime Minister Tony Blair was back at work today af ...  | Read.. 

Bigley brother's house raided
The brother of a British hostage in Iraq said today intell ...  | Read.. 

Boss, friends rock the vote
Bruce Springsteen rocked concert-goers while trying to rock ...  | Read..