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Aggressive Kerry has edge over Bush
President George W. Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry battled over Iraq in a fierce debate today, with an aggressive Kerry accusing the President of 'a colossal error of judgment' and Bush doubting Kerry's ability to lead America in dangerous times. ...  | Read.. 
Trembling Tony operated
Britain's Tony Blair underwent heart treatment today after a surprise pledge to serve a full third term if he wins an election expected next year. ...  | Read.. 
Brosnan can keep Bond suit in closet
It looks like super-spy James Bond can keep his tuxedo in the closet for at least another year. ...  | Read.. 
Suicide bomber kills 25 in Sialkot
A suicide bomber killed 25 people in a mosque packed with worshippers and wounded more than 50 when he blew himself up during Friday prayers in the eastern Pakistani town ...  | Read.. 
Laura Bush (left) and Teresa Heinz Kerry after the debate in Coral Gables, Florida. (Reuters)
Scores die in Samarra raid
US-led forces stormed Samarra today and said nearly 100 guerrillas were killed in air strikes and s..  | Read.. 
Highway to Hell hits the road
Australia hard rock band AC/DC may have angrily sang they were on the Highway to Hell, but t..  | Read..