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A matter of perception
Expectations and perceptions, as much as the reality of figures, are important for confidence in the economy. Since this new government came in, inflation has shown its first, albeit modest, fall recently. Foreign exchange reserves are again climbing...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Crossing the bar
Sir ' It is true that Muslims largely are not taking the mainstream route, because of illiteracy am ...  | Read.. 
A bunch of chokers
Sir ' Yet again, India lost a crucial match. That too, to Pakistan. While several theories are bein ...  | Read.. 
Troubling silence
Sir ' This is with reference to Rudrangshu Mukherjee's article, 'Child's play' (Sept 19). I would l ...  | Read.. 
It is difficult to change the culture of a city by law. But the Calcutta high court is adamant. It wants the Brigade Parade G...| Read.. 
Weighing-scales are disreputable in India; they are tricked out to give one side advantage over another. So it is not surpris...| Read.. 
Let's Bet on the future
Yudhoyono is actually quite a serious man who was seen by his army colleagues as efficient and incorruptible, but even his cl...  | Read.. 
How to make a molehill of a mountain
After the 2004 general elections, the refrain of all the constituents of the United Progressive Alliance government, led by the Congress, was that more needed to be done for t...  | Read.. 
Like christening, a wedding, a graduation ceremony, a holy war, a revolution even...a fireworks display, a gaudy promise of what life ought to be, not life itself. ' ALISTAIR COOKE