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No news of hostages as deadline expires
An execution deadline for two Americans and a Briton kidnapped by militants expired today with no word on their fate, but a radical group released 18 Iraqi soldiers it had threatened to kill. ...  | Read.. 
Jiang backs Hu, chants military unity mantra
China's freshly retired military leader Jiang Zemin threw his weight behind his successor Hu Jintao today and advised the armed forces never to renounce the use of force to r ...  | Read.. 
Microsoft to share source code
Microsoft corporation said today it would share the source code of its Microsoft Office desktop software with more than 60 governments, including China and Russia. ...  | Read.. 
Karzai aide escapes bid on life
An Afghan vice-president survived an assassination attempt today when a remotely controlled device was detonated near his convoy, while two soldiers from the US-led coalition ...  | Read.. 
Workmen in Sydney prepare to hang a large-scale print of US photographer Eddie Adams' award-winning picture of an execution on the streets of Saigon, Vietnam. (AFP)
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CBS regrets Bush war report
In a blow to its credibility, CBS News said today it had been misled over the authenticity of docu..  | Read.. 
Some Dolce Vita for Italy: Sophia is 70
Italians got a break from a steady stream of bad news about terrorism and taxes today, to be remind..  | Read.. 
Vietnam execution lensman dies
American photojournalist Eddie Adams, whose searing picture ...  | Read.. 

Indonesia polls
An urbane former general who promises to fight terror and c ...  | Read.. 

Putin pardon quandary
Russian President Vladimir Putin faced a dilemma today over ...  | Read..