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A sense of low self-esteem
Lack of confidence in herself seems to have compelled Priyanka Das to throw herself in front of a train on Thursday, though this 16-year-old had blamed her geography teacher for driving her to despair in her suicide note. ...  | Read.. 
Teen lynched by local club
Members of an Ekbalpore club on Sunday beat 14-year-old Mohammad Anish to death, suspecting him to be a bicycle thief. The in...  | Read.. 
Howrah in safety scramble
Wiser after last week's tanker fire that claimed seven lives, the Howrah district administration has sent a slew of proposals...  | Read.. 
A touch of care in sunset hour
One of them promises she will never fight with her best friend. Another puts up an extempore show of stand-up-comedy. Yet ano...  | Read.. 
Citu no to bus depot shift
At a time when the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government is frantically trying to woo investors to Bengal, his party's labour ar...  | Read.. 
Post-Puja building rule bonanza
The civic authorities said on Sunday that a new set of building rules will come into effect post-Durga puja, offering a bonan...  | Read.. 
History hidden in a picture box
Unclaimed carton at airport facility yields treasure-trove photo collection

It was a day like any other at the Indian Airlines storage facility of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, wher ...  | Read.. 
A bouquet of 80 red roses greeted the birthday lady, Rabindrasangeet singer Suchitra Mitra, at a felicitation at Netaji Indoor Stadium on Sunday evening. Picture by Amit Datta
Hello, it's Monday, September 20, 2004
Roads to avoid
Career tips
Retrospective of German films
She's an Olympic Winner (September 20), ...  | Read.. 
What We are Watching
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 You share your birthday with...
Sophia Loren You're a perfectionist when it comes to getting things done. You are compassionate. B ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Batons battle beacon bane
  Complaint forms at fingertips
Ward-door baby probe
A day after pavement-dweller Manju Mondol gave birth to an underweight girl...  | Read.. 

Flight of fantasy, reality bites
Come September 24 and Tollywood will dish out two films by two first-time d...  | Read.. 

Fun ' funda full house
The occasion: The Telegraph Open-quiz Show (TOPS)...  | Read.. 
One more night, Bachchan style
Multiple calls were on hold. Inboxes were full. Everyone wanted to get thro...  | Read.. 
Experiments in Indianness
Culinary innovations today could well become a part of our tradition a few ...  | Read.. 
You can't get through this week without...
Bet the sun and the sweat never felt better. After almost a week ...  | Read.. 
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