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The roots of rage
After forty years of insurgency by a few, Manipur is now boiling. The rage is universal, among young and old and especially among women. The army has been an occupier in our own country for the lifetimes of most Manipuris. Occupation forces anywhere ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Target practice
Sir ' 'Modi springs population panel' (Sept 11) doesn't surprise. Only, why did Narendra Modi have ...  | Read.. 
Missing the wood
Sir ' Ashok Mitra in 'The also-ran nation' (Sept 4) unnecessarily brings in politics in his analysi ...  | Read.. 
Unequal share
Sir ' It is shameful to read the report, 'One hangs, other goes free' (Sept 10). Both the families ...  | Read.. 
There is one way to know if a struggle is bringing positive results. When it is suddenly time to change direction ' or to enl...| Read.. 
Beggars are natural objects in the third-world cityscape. Light charity or looking away are the usual options in dealing with...| Read.. 
It is Putin's war
What would we do without Richard Perle, everybody's favourite neo-conservative' It was he who came up some years ago with the...  | Read.. 
Playing for pride and passion
Sixteen tribal schoolboys boarded a train to New Delhi in 1977. Barring two, none of the boys had ever seen a train, let alone board one. They represented the hockey team of S...  | Read.. 
Sour grapes of a deformed culture
The hostage-takers of children in Beslan, North Ossetia, were Muslims. The other hostage-takers and subsequent murderers of the Nepalese chefs and workers in Iraq were also Mu...  | Read.. 
Alone...The word is life endured and known./ It is the stillness where our spirits walk/ And all but inmost faith is overthrown. ' SIEGFRIED SASSOON