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Star kids shining in the shadows

If you just think Abhishek Bachchan or Esha Deol when you think star son or star daughter, we would advice you to broaden your horizons (west, you see, does not mean Mumbai).

And if you think Fardeen Khan's nocturnal prowl is the ultimate reflection of how the pressure of being a star progeny can get to you, believe us you're not even close to the half picture, forget about the full one.

Surely, matching up to father Feroze Khan is one thing and struggling to emerge from the shadows of papa Jack Nicholson quite another.

It follows, then, that there are more casualties at the altar of success than we can count ' from Marlon Brando's ill-fated family to Paul Newman's son dying of a drug overdose, the list of young lives living dangerously in the lap of luxury goes on.

But every now and then, when these star kids learn to cope with it all and emerge into the spotlight to make their own mark, there are stunning success stories.

Drew Barrymore, for instance, rid herself of her wild ways and is now a much sought-after actress in Hollywood, while others like Gwyneth Paltrow (father Bruce, a producer, and mother Blythe Danner, an actress) have far outshone their parents.

Let's pause at one of Charlie's angels. Coming from a renowned acting family ' father John and mother Jaid ' wasn't easy for Drew, neither was beginning her career at age 11 months. When E.T. made her famous at five, things began to go awry. Alcohol at nine, marijuana at 10 and hard drugs soon after' She ran away from rehab, went back and then things turned around in 2000.

One wild child who has rocked the boat as much with her award-winning performances as her personal life is Angelina Jolie, daughter of Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight. Her parents separated soon after she was born. Although Voight was a big star by then, Angelina made a few nondescript appearances before hitting pay dirt.

Her first appearance on screen was with her father at age five in an obscure film, and she built a modelling career before she went back to films. Recently, there's been no stopping her, with a host of Golden Globe, Emmy and Oscar nominations and wins coming her way with movies like Girl Interrupted, The Bone Collector and Gia. And then, of course, she raided the box-office tomb with the Lara Croft films.

Angelina's personal life has been as much of a roller coaster ride (one heroine about whom rumours almost invariably turn out to be true), from marrying in rubber pants the first time to her thorny relationship with Billy Bob Thornton. The 29-year-old who hardly gives a damn, is divorced once again, is now the mother of an adopted Cambodian boy, Maddox, and works with the United Nations for refugees.

An anti-theses to the wild child club is Kate Hudson, daughter of actress Goldie Hawn. She's only 24, but has already won a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for her role in Almost Famous. She's smart and savvy and sassy, but also a mirror of her mother's sweet blonde appeal. She might already be married and a mother of a baby boy, but that isn't going to slow her career down.

Although her father is TV comedian Bill Hudson, Kate was raised by her mother's long-term partner actor Kurt Russell. Maybe since they weren't married, there was no question of divorce, and hence a more stable family.

Liv Tyler's is the story of hedonism gone right ' a chubby child becoming a sexy siren. Although not from a film family, the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler didn't even know he was her father till she was 10. After a modelling stint, Liv has blazed the big screen with Stealing Beauty, Lord of The Rings' with eyes set on stardom and feet firmly on the ground.

A few more faces from the family album to watch out for: Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri and director Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard (the 22-year-old first seen in Shyamalan's The Village).

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