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Look West, PM!
The day Manmohan Singh was chosen to be the PM, he met journalists. On September 4 he did it again — as soon as he had got over the Parliament session. His speech was couched in the usual bureaucratese. But translated in common language, it made much...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Proud and prejudiced
Sir — One of the notions that the Iraq war has confirmed beyond doubt is that wisdom will never be ...  | Read.. 
Price of freedom
Sir — Although the cold-blooded killing of 12 Nepali hostages in Iraq is condemnable, the reactions ...  | Read.. 
Clarion call
Sir — It is heartening to know about the declining support for the Centre for Indian Trade Union (“ ...  | Read.. 
The decision of India and Pakistan to continue with the ceasefire between them will invite widespread relief. The external af...| Read.. 
After having shone for a while, India is now set to become incredible. The Central tourism minister, Ms Renuka Chowdhury, is ...| Read.. 
Pulling off the shuffle
The latest comic strip that tells us what the present priorities of the BJP/NDA are, is really quite funny… Atalji tak...  | Read.. 
Working with the kid gloves on
Of all Maharashtra’s icons, Shivaji is the greatest, worshipped almost as a deity. And of all his many inspirational deeds — perhaps the one that illustrates best the kind of...  | Read.. 
In the nature of things nothing contingent is granted, but all things are determined by the necessity of divine nature for existing and working in a certain way. — BARUCH SPINOZA