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A bold and challenging voice has emerged in the past few years: that of a section of the Dalit intelligentsia, most well-known among whom is Chandra Bhan Prasad. His newspaper columns have recently been published as a book, Dalit Diary, 1999-2003...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Business of politics
Sir — The report, “Another CM son eyes House club” (Aug 30), throws light on two cardinal truths ab ...  | Read.. 
Little glory, greater shame
Sir — The Olympics is over, and it has been a flop show for India. The outcome was clear the day Ai ...  | Read.. 
The commerce ministry was set up in the beginning of World War II to ration imports. German U-boats were sinking the British ...| Read.. 
For many Indian politicians any party is good enough as long as it helps them stay in power. The caretaker chief minister of ...| Read.. 
How to sell culture
The Olympic Games are over, and many in India feel that this large and wonderful country has much to do and miles to go. The ...  | Read.. 
Unwriting history
The current spat between Murli Manohar Joshi and Arjun Singh signifies a lot more than the Punch-and-Judy show it appears to be. Joshi is livid because Singh has got the NCER...  | Read.. 
After the deed is done
Buying a flat is like running long-distance hurdles. One has to find (and like) a property, engage in lengthy bargaining with the realtor, and then run to a bank for help with...  | Read.. 
The mystery of life is not solved by success, which is an end in itself, but in failure, in perpetual struggle, in becoming. — PATRICK WHITE