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Chechen arms trace in crash
Explosives of a kind used by Chechen rebels have been found in one of two airliners that crashed almost simultaneously, pointing to a terrorist attack, Russian investigators said today. ...  | Read.. 
Militia leaves Najaf shrine
Shia fighters left the holiest shrine in Najaf today and began turning in their weapons, after tens of thousands of pilgrims celebrated a peace agreement that ended a bloody ...  | Read.. 
Aziz elected new PM, defence top priority
Pakistanís National Assembly elected former finance minister Shaukat Aziz Prime Minister today, after he was hand-picked for the post by military leader President Pervez Mush ...  | Read.. 
Kremlin faces cover-up charge
The Kremlin faced growing accusations of a cover-up yesterday as Russian officials announced that the black boxes of two crashed passenger jets had failed to yield evidence o ...  | Read.. 
Fruit Power: University of Queensland engineering lecturer Bill Clarke poses beside an electricity generator fuelled by decomposing bananas in Brisban ...  | Read
Uma in her Prime
Now that Sandra Bullock has stepped away from Prime amid concerns about the script, Uma Thur..  | Read.. 
Revenge really is sweet: Study
Revenge, reprimand and schadenfreude really do feel good, according to a brain scan stud..  | Read..