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Arrests signal Pak shift
The recent arrests of a senior Pakistani al Qaida operative in Dubai and the head of a banned radical Islamic group have sent a strong signal to the terror network and its local allies — no one is safe. ...  | Read.. 
Twin blasts kill 8 in Karachi
Two bombs exploded within minutes of each other in a western neighbourhood of Karachi today, killing at least eight people and wounding more than 50, police and witnesses sai ...  | Read.. 
Chinese spoil pet pekinese
At Beijing’s leading dog acupuncture clinic, Prof Lu Gang is tending a new patient. ...  | Read.. 
Toxic Teflon shadow leaps out of non-stick pans
The coating on non-stick pans used in millions of kitchens throughout the world has been linked to birth defects in humans and to the deaths of pets. ...  | Read.. 
Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan alias Abu Talha, the Pakistani computer engineer who acted as the e-mail postman for coded messages passed between al Qai ...  | Read
Bull fight
Super size
Speech boost to writer Obama
What a difference a few minutes on the national political stage can make. ..  | Read.. 
Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Karbala
Militants in Iraq have kidnapped an Iranian diplomat and accused him of inciting sectarian strife i..  | Read.. 
Briton sees ideal holiday in Iraq
Budding British travel operator Don Lucey has a novel idea ...  | Read.. 

Lawless Baghdad dusts death row
Iraq’s government reluctantly reinstated the death penalty ...  | Read..