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Faria drags Salman into Sven sleaze fest
Salman Khan was one of Faria Alam’s lovers, it is claimed today in an interview given to the News of the World by the 38-year-old Bangladeshi secretary at the centre of the sex scandal that has rocked Britain’s Football Association....  | Read.. 
Beckham fills Diana vacuum
David Beckham has gone part way to fill the gap left in people’s hearts by the premature death of Diana, Princess of Wal ...  | Read.. 
Claudia’s fine but joke’s on Germany
A German campaign to persuade the British to embrace their historic foe seems to have flopped. ...  | Read.. 
2000 years on, Israel set to bet
Israeli punters will soon experience the exhilaration of cheering their horse to the winning post after a religious ban ...  | Read.. 
Hibernate on a 50-million-mile flight
It was once the preserve of science fiction books and films such as 2001: a Space Odyssey and Alien, but s ...  | Read.. 
Don’t sit on it, just move it
How often have you thought about toning your thighs' Or flattening your tum' Quite often. But have you had equal ambitions about shaping your butt' You should. ...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q:I have applied for an air hostess’s job. I am five feet and seven inches tall and weigh 52 kg. I have a considerably good figure but my hips are too broad. I look quite a ...  | Read.. 
Actor Julie Andrews at The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement premiere held on Saturday at Downtown Disneyland in Anaheim, California. (AFP)