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Making of the Boss
Art usually imitates life. But sometimes it is better the other way around. If only Sourav Ganguly had taken Pepsi’s Toss Ka Boss, the know-all urchin, for the spin of the coin in the Asia Cup final, he might have called correctly. And, maybe, India ...  | Read.. 
Many a drop to drink
In many parts of arid Rajasthan, the man who drives the water tanker to any parched village is like a mobile god on wheels. W ...  | Read.. 
Mother of all exhibitions
Placing Pablo
Shady affair
Pick of the lot
Tittle tattle
Incest and the city
Everybody says she’s fine. Or thinks she is. She’s boisterous by day, socially active by night, her dad’s well-heeled, and she does whatever she wants, including chopping off her hair and wearing wings with her dress to a party. She’s fine. Until her...  | Read.. 
Last Word: Can’t call it love
Juliet was barely 14 when she met Romeo; Lolita was 12 when Humbert Humbert seduced her. Today, we’d disapprove of young Juliet’s status as a child bride; Lolita would be in therapy as a paedophile’s victim....  | Read.. 
The elastic ceiling
Check your linen
The beat goes on
He’s a woman too
HEAD ON HER SHOULDERS: Anuja Gupta in her office in south Delhi’s Kalkaji Photo: Jagdish Yadav
Miss nip-and-tuck
Faster, higher, stronger
Get hooked on this
Road rage