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US forces battle Sadr militia
US marines said today they had killed 300 fighters loyal to a firebrand Iraqi Shia cleric in fierce clashes that pose a stern test for an interim government struggling to stamp its authority over the country. ...  | Read.. 
US makes UK act in haste
A Pakistani computer expert linked to US security alerts and the arrest of 12 terrorism suspects in Britain was part of an undercover sting operation before Washington reveal ...  | Read.. 
To cure diarrhoea, take pills and eat
Doctors offered a small crumb of comfort today to travellers suffering from diarrhoea — they do not have to forgo the buffet or other tempting treats while taking medicine. ...  | Read.. 
Pak terror alert for ministers
Pakistani security agencies today rang a new terror alert for government ministers, asking them to restrict their movements to avoid a backlash after the recent arrests o ...  | Read.. 
Jessica Simpson at a concert in Bryant Park, New York. (Reuters)
Comic gem
Vietnam veterans gun for Kerry reputation
A group of Vietnam veterans launched an assault on Senator John Kerry’s war record yesterday as..  | Read.. 
Atlantis was Ireland: Book
Atlantis, the legendary island nation over whose existence controversy has raged for thousands of y..  | Read..