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Mighty battle over Memorial
In the twilight zone of Viren J. Shah’s stay at Raj Bhavan, a memorable battle on the Victoria Memorial grounds is brewing between Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government and the governor....  | Read.. 
All eyes on a marked man
It was around noon when the iron-bar gate of cell no. 3 was unlocked. Four men took up position, cordoning off a four-ft-by-five-ft open-air concrete platform just in front...  | Read.. 
Pin-blame scurry, 10 years on
When the stage is all but set for the execution of Dhananjoy Chatterjee, some criminal lawyers of Calcutta High Court want to...  | Read.. 
20 years minus amenities
Residents of the ‘added areas’ of the CPM-run Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) are being deprived of amenities promised to ...  | Read.. 
Board a bus, dance with death
Getting on a bus at Howrah station, the gateway of Calcutta, is a passenger’s nightmare....  | Read.. 
Clubbing together, learning together
Salt Lake will soon get a student council. To be formally launched on November 20, building awareness about child rights and ...  | Read.. 
Techies scramble to the bourse
Banks slash interest rates, open flurry of new loan accounts as Saltlec shops for shares

Two-hundred-and-fifty-three new loan accounts in three days at one branch. A bank battle that brings down interest rates on l ...  | Read.. 
Sodium vapour lamps illuminate a vibrant monsoon skyscape, composed by the setting sun in swathes of orange, indigo and sable. The panoramic splendour ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, August 06, 2004
Road to avoid
Hard Talk
An evening for the Eves
It is a concept that has indeed travelled a long w...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Manoj Night Shyamalan You are charming, pleasant and emotional. Nothing excites you more than an evening of intelligent ...Read.. 
Young Metro
They are more popularly known as places to stop for a light bite when hunger strikes and the pocket is almost empty...  | Read.. 
Cop scan on girl’s death
Police on Thursday started a probe into the death of Indrani Ukil, 13, who ...  | Read.. 

Jail term threat for tormentor son
Calcutta High Court on Thursday came to the aid of an elderly man and his w...  | Read.. 

Hunger salt on grief scars
Dhananjoy Chatterjee’s family in Kurudi, 270 km from Calcutta, is going wit...  | Read.. 

Get Set
A nice blend of pink and blue, finished with a dash of silver — the new ...  | Read.. 
For a brush
Caught up in the hectic pace, the creativity and beauty of slow, sensuous l...  | Read.. 
Game is on
R u game' is the question they are asking. You’d better be, since the promi...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Caution: better not dare to bare
With the “first ever” lingerie show hitting the city ramp, it was no surpri...  | Read.. 
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Three held for molestation
Oil tankers seized
Minister visit
Traffic disrupted
Girl mowed down
Trader bandh
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Hanging hero
Little star
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