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Pak claims big al Qaida catch
Pakistan arrested a suspected member of the al Qaida with a multi-million dollar price on his head and several others, government officials said today. ...  | Read.. 
Pak decides not to send troops to Iraq
Pakistan will not send troops to Iraq, information minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said today, hours after the Prime Minister said a decision would depend on what his people wan ...  | Read.. 
TV crew tastes Athens batons
Greece’s Olympic Games organisers today apologised and launched an investigation into allegations that a Mexican television crew was beaten by guards after they attempted to ...  | Read.. 
Saddam letter to grandson
Deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein sent a letter to his grandson in Jordan telling him to be strong and care for his family, according to al Arabiya television. ...  | Read.. 
Swiss tourists raise bottles of water in front of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New York. (AFP)
Jumping gun flash
Caught in computer craze
Statue of Liberty re-opens after 9/11
Hailed once again as a “beacon of hope,” the Statue of Liberty welcomed back huddled masses of tour..  | Read.. 
More Bush hell: Heinz Kerry
Teresa Heinz Kerry, the outspoken wife of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, pulled no pun..  | Read.. 
Riyadh death
An Irishman was killed in his office in Riyadh today, diplo ...  | Read.. 

Abu Ghraib abuse was ‘just for fun’
US soldiers who abused Iraqi prisoners at the notorious Abu ...  | Read.. 

Citibank computer fraud
A senior Citibank executive in Singapore has been charged w ...  | Read..