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Try your hand at fountain pen marathon
Seldom are the handwritten comments of a teacher so intriguing that students save their papers past graduation. ...  | Read.. 
Jacket that sings and rings
German chipmaker Infineon and Bavarian clothes firm Rosner today presented the latest item for the man who has everything — ...  | Read.. 
Get set for undercover gold rush
Athletes at next month’s Athens Olympics are expected to go for gold in the bedroom as well as on the field, with 130,000 fr ...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: House on fire
It was an exceptionally close family with the three sons deeply attached to each other. Other families fell out over property but the parents were convinced that this could ne...  | Read.. 
Response: ‘Let your husband enjoy his food’
My husband has no table manners. To top it all, he is a glutton. Whenever we go over to a friend’s or relative’s place, he doesn’t stop eating. He makes a royal mess on the...  | Read.. 
Will Smith (left) with Tour de France director Jean-Marie Leblanc at the end of the last stage of the cycling race in Paris. (AFP)