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Missing Pakistanis heat up Iraq hostage crisis
Two Pakistanis working for a Kuwait-based company were feared kidnapped today as Iraq’s hostage crisis deepened, with at least 22 countries affected by the wave of abductions. ...  | Read.. 
Email rips 9/11 suspect cover
A key September 11 suspect who disappeared eight days before the attacks on the World Trade Center has broken his cover by emailing his wife in Germany, prompting Pakista ...  | Read.. 
Uday-free Games
It is a chilling reminder of the fate that once awaited Iraq’s athletes if they disappointed Uday Hussein, Saddam’s brutal sports-mad son. ...  | Read.. 
Britain plans do-it-yourself guide to tackle terror
The British government will issue a public information leaflet tomorrow designed to tell people what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. ...  | Read.. 
An aerial view of the concrete wall, part of Israel’s controversial security barrier, which separates the West Bank from Israel, in Baqa el Gharbiya. (Reuters)
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Mystery man
Ernest event
Stars threaten to rock Bush re-election bid
Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, R.E.M., Pearl Jam and a big roster of other rock stars will unit..  | Read.. 
Diana divorce left prince penniless
The Prince of Wales was “taken to the cleaners” and handed over his entire personal fortune to ..  | Read.. 
Mauritius resort blast kills two
An explosion at a tourist resort on the Indian Ocean island ...  | Read.. 

Ebadi vows to pursue scribe death probe
Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi today vowed n ...  | Read.. 

Tigers kill 8 from Karuna faction in dawn raid
Eight people were shot dead at a Tamil Tiger safe house nea ...  | Read.. 

Palestinian cement for Israel barrier
Palestinian businessmen have made millions of pounds su ...  | Read..