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Parents push for son arrest
Hemanta Chatterjee, 70, and wife Maya, 66, moved Calcutta High Court on Friday, demanding the arrest of their 23-year-old son Sourav....  | Read.. 
Sleuth flurry lifts veil on murky tale
For three weeks — from July 3, when doctor Susil Pal’s body was fished out of a canal in Sankrail, till July 20 — the cops se...  | Read.. 
First class aplenty, master’s seats few
Too many high performers, a limited number of seats and a deeply worried university. ...  | Read.. 
Lessons in acceptance from classroom India
They took the trip for educational purposes, but India literally took their breath away. Sixteen elementary and secondary sch...  | Read.. 
Tennis ticket to Big Apple
Reedhina Parekh, 20, is taking a break between semesters after a gruelling 16-month stint with Western Michigan University. S ...  | Read.. 
TV actresses Chandrayee Ghosh (left) and Koneenica Banerjee at the inaugural ceremony of the 2nd Bangla Telefilm Festival at Nandan on Friday. The 10 ...  | Read
Hello, it's Saturday, July 24, 2004
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Nothing is but what is not
Appearances are deceptive, be it in the case of an...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Jennifer Lopez You’d rather suffer than hurt others. You’re academically inclined, with a ...Read.. 
The game that mirrors life
They play rugby, go to college, want to make it big only to help others. They dare to look future in...  | Read.. 
Pre-Puja haul of land tax
The Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government on Friday announced that land tax fr...  | Read.. 

Hefty fine for cars run on cooking gas
Fit your car with an LPG kit and a cooking-gas cylinder by investing around...  | Read.. 

Better safe on lorries
The Dhulagarh truck terminal authorities in Howrah have decided to set up a...  | Read.. 

Health as the motif in small-screen success stories
It was a date Tollywood could hardly have missed. In a one-of-its-kind inte...  | Read.. 

Trendy trinkets
Chandeliers — not the ones that hang from your ceiling, but those that tic...  | Read.. 
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Bangla woman sent back after years
Scooter skid kills two
College clash
Mission milestone
Aurobindo verse
Injured in mishap
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CMC misses malaria drive date
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