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Three homes, united in horror
Her eldest son died four years ago. Now, a sword hangs on the head of her youngest, 33-year-old Antaryami. ...  | Read.. 
From debt to death trap
The debt-ridden family was waiting for the Rs 25,000 Sukhdev Singh had promised to send. That was till this morning, before villager Madan Singh told Harbinder he had seen hi ...  | Read.. 
Shia leaders slam ‘terror’ act
Leaders of the Shia community in the country have condemned yesterday’s abduction of the three Indians as an act of “psychological terror”. ...  | Read.. 
BJP eyes bonus from warrant
The BJP, adrift ever since voted out of power, believes that it has chanced upon a goldmine over the role of Union minister Sibu Soren in a 1975 massacre. ...  | Read.. 
Divya stay extended, childbirth in Pak
Divya Dayanandan — now Hafza Aman — can spend the last days of her pregnancy in peace. The Indian doctor married to a Pakistani was allowed to stay another 60 days in his ...  | Read.. 
Tilak Raj’s wife Parmila Devi (left) being consoled by a relative. One of her daughters stands in front. (PTI)
Italy to open visa kiosks in 7 cities
Censor scanner on music videos
Man chops off wife’s nose
Teen kills father
Kenya in exit cry
Kenya’s government spokesperson today urged its citizens to leave Iraq at once and pleaded with kid..  | Read.. 
Delhi distressed but rules out total recall
India is not yet thinking of asking some 5,000 of its nationals working in Iraq to return home ..  | Read.. 
Aziz set to visit India
Shaukat Aziz, who takes over as Prime Minister next month, ...  | Read.. 

Anjolie assistant in fake net
Anjolie Ela Menon’s assistant of 20 years, Hamid Shafi, ...  | Read.. 

Sibu Soren coincidence and clash
A dramatic coincidence in court and an explosive atmosp ...  | Read.. 

Kalam refers water dispute to apex court
The President today referred to the Supreme Court the P ...  | Read.. 

Court puts minority quota on hold
Andhra Pradesh High Court today suspended the Congress ...  | Read.. 

Jaya guns for Sonia on relief
Appearing subdued after the Kumbakonam school fire that ...  | Read.. 

HC stay on memorial
Delhi High Court has restrained the government from con ...  | Read.. 

Desam, BJP differ on reservation
While the BJP and the Sangh parivar have condemned the ...  | Read.. 

Girlfriend to ‘give away’ groom Bleach
This could only happen in a (civilised) country like En ...  | Read.. 

Support touches Hannah parents
Voices choked with emotion, the parents of murdered Eng ...  | Read.. 

House snub to Pande
Last month, Kamal Pande lost his chair. Come August, he ...  | Read..