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Saudis find head of slain hostage
Saudi forces found the head of a US hostage in a fridge at a militants hideout where they killed two wanted Islamists and seized weapons, including a surface-to-air missile, officials said today. ...  | Read.. 
Americans on trial in Kabul for torture
Three Americans accused of torturing Afghans in a private jail during a freelance counterterror mission went on trial today ...  | Read.. 
Kerry aide quits over key files
Former national security adviser Samuel Berger, under investigation for removing classified documents from the National Archives, stepped aside yesterday as an informal advis ...  | Read.. 
Tiger ultimatum
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels would not hesitate to resume hostilities if the government provoked them, but have no intention of breaking a ceasefire that has held for 20 mo ...  | Read.. 
UN goodwill ambassador and actor Angelina Jolie at the 24th Arab Children’s Conference in Amman. (AFP)
Father twice over
Dunst, boyfriend separate
Soft side of drinking, cursing Farrell revealed
Put aside the drinking, smoking, cursing and womanising, and consider this: Irish actor Colin Farre..  | Read.. 
Hawking loses black hole bet
Cosmologist Stephen Hawking lost one of the most famous bets in scientific history today after he r..  | Read.. 
Left or right decided before birth
Whether a person will be right-handed or left-handed could ...  | Read.. 

Reform nudge to Arafat
The Palestinian parliament today urged President Yasser Ara ...  | Read.. 

Axe hovers over UK armed forces
Four infantry battalions are to be cut from the army as ...  | Read.. 

Drinking is to get drunk, feel Germans
Germans are Europe’s worst binge drinkers with almost one i ...  | Read.. 

Jenna Bush’s truant tongue
George Bush’s daughter Jenna (right) sticks her tongue out ...  | Read..